Brew no longer in the spotlight Qualcomm exec

16 SEP 2011

Rob Chandhok, president of Qualcomm’s Internet Services unit, told Mobile Apps Briefing that the company’s Brew software platform is “not really the thing that’s in the spotlight for us anymore,” while confirming that there are still “significant volumes” of devices using the platform in the pipeline. Speaking on the sidelines of the company’s Innovation Qualcomm 2011 event, he said: “we shouldn’t be too surprised: it’s been around for 10 years, there aren’t too many operating systems that have been around with only a couple of revisions in 10 years in the market.”

According to Chandhok, while the platform is still set to see some future development, “the pace might be a little bit slower than it was before, just because the market has changed.” He was also clear on the benefits of the technology, stating that: “Brew fits in a very appropriate place in our roadmap at the low end. I can build a much lower cost phone on Brew right now than I can on smartphone platforms, just because it uses less memory, it needs less computing power and so forth.”


Steve Costello

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